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A beautiful, fluffy carpet makes the living room a cozy place of wellbeing that invites you to linger. No wonder that there are several copies of the textile home accessories in most households. Whether wool or synthetic fibers, such a carpet is not only beautiful to look at, it also has to be cleaned regularly. Here are helpful tips so that the fluffy eye-catcher does not become a gruesome patch fabric. With numerous household remedies, a carpet can be easily cleaned of dirt and stains. In the choice of the this is the best deal.

Carpet care

So that you can enjoy your carpet for a long time, you should give it some attention and care from time to time to avoid deep contamination. The utensil of choice here is the vacuum cleaner everyday dirt and dust is removed and the carpet structure loosened up. Even when you tap the carpet, some will be surprised at what has accumulated in the depths of the fabric. This procedure should ideally take place outdoors and the carpet should be worked on from the bottom.

Anyone who has a furry roommate at home will be put to the test when cleaning the carpet: Cats and dogs love to roll on the carpet and work their hair deep into the fibers. If the vacuum cleaner reaches its limits here, a scrubber or a rubber brush can be used to sweep out the animal hair. Even with a puller, which is normally used for window cleaning, you can get the hair out of the carpet.

If the beloved carpet has lost some of its colors after a few years, you can easily refresh it with vinegar water. After the treatment, the colors shine again as on the first day and unpleasant smells are also eliminated.

Know Your Carpet.

The most important prerequisite for carpet cleaning knows exactly the material and the nature of the carpet concerned. For example, a synthetic carpet must be cared for differently than an oriental carpet and home remedies that remove stains from wool can have fatal consequences for silk. Before you start on the stain with all sorts of remedies, pause for a moment and, to be on the safe side, test the home remedies in a place that is hardly visible.

Home remedies for stains on the carpet

It is particularly annoying when a stain gets into the beloved carpet due to an accident. But there is a suitable home remedy for every stain to remove it so don’t give up, ask mom.

Mineral water

If the stain is still fresh, you have the best chance of complete cleaning. It can work wonders here to pour mineral water over the stain and then soak it up with a dry cloth. It is important not to rub intuitively, as this will work the dirt even deeper into the fibers of the carpet.

Baking powder

As a general-purpose weapon in the household, baking soda can also be used on carpets. To do this, simply sprinkle the stain with baking soda, pour in a little hot water, let it soak and vacuum or dab with a cloth.

Shaving cream

Even if shaving foam on the carpet may seem rather out of place at first, it is a helpful home remedy for stains, odors and also for the basic cleaning of an aging carpet. You just need to simply spray on, leave to take effect and then wash off with lukewarm water and a cloth.