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Energy is produced by certain force and energy is formed by certain friction or a certain physical and chemical action that converts the power into action. This energy was used Power to Choose for the production of electrical energy. This energy is produced in various forms and these energies were produced in various forms.

They are:

  1. Solar energy.
  2. Water energy.
  3. Thermal energy.
  4. Wind energy.

These are the various types of energy were produced by these forms and they are converting the power into energy.

Solar energy: it is the energy produced by absorbing the sunlight. In these, that heat energy is produced and it converts into electrical energy. In these types of energy sunlight plays a vital role in providing the heat and by the help of producing heat and these heat energies was converted into energy and this energy was produced in the high level and nowadays people were using this solar energy for producing the electrical energy for their domestic use.

Water energy: it is the energy that is produced for producing electrical energy with the help of using water. This energy is used to produce were the water level is high and in a wide area. They use the large type of turbines and fan to create the water flows in the high speed by using that water flows they can able to produce the energy which is used as electrical energy.

Thermal energy: it is also the type of energy that is produced as electrical energy and they were used this electrical energy for the people’s domestic purposes.

Wind energy: this is the energy that is produced by the air and these energies were produced by the air by using the windmill and the big fan while the rotation of wings at that time flow of air is converted into wind energy. This energy also used by the people for their domestic and other purposes.

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Advantages of these energies:

  1. The energy was produced in a high amount.
  2. The level of producing energy is also in a high amount.
  3. These energies were used for domestic purposes.
  4. The energy was also supplied for the particular or some of the important areas.
  5. They were ready to produce the energy and they turn or do some process or methods for producing electrical energy.
  6. The use of electrical energy is very important in people’s lives and for their daily needs.
  7. These are the energies that were produced at a high level and they were also able to supply or able to produce a high amount of energy to use the electrical system and for domestic purposes.

These are some advantages about the energies they were used for the domestic purposes and they produce more amount of electrical energy and then, they supply it for a whole area and for some areas which are used more amount of energy such as companies, mills, and some other IT fields and like the multi-national companies. Which they use a high amount of electrical energy. The energies were produced in the form of providing electrical energy.