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There is a tremendous amount of social media available and therefore you also have to make decisions about what time you spend on social media. Surveys show that in the B2B sector LinkedIn is the most powerful sales channel, while on the consumer side Facebook still ranks. So, identify where your potential customers are moving and invest in those channels. From the adwords agency you can now have the best deals.

So which one do we focus on?

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Social Media and Search Engine Optimization work better together. Both social media and Search Engine Optimization rely on good content and are therefore mutually supportive. It’s a good idea to create good content for your website so it’s not out of date, but to promote it using social media channels to drive multi-channel visitors to your website.

The boundary between social media and search engine optimization is no longer so clear. Social media helps build external links that support search engine optimization, and Google even values ​​social media shares and brings, Content uploaded on Google+ or YouTube appears in search results.

But where to make the choice?

In both of my comparisons, we came to the conclusion: “It’s important to evaluate where your customers are when choosing which marketing channels to use online.” So it’s important to leverage website analytics and see where your website visitors are coming to your site today.

However, this does not offer the whole truth, as the lack of a traffic source may also be due to poor search engine discoverability or lazy social presence. Fortunately, digital marketing allows you to test different marketing channels in the form of different campaigns quickly and gives you a bit more clutter-free data for your decision.

  • Generally speaking, it is recommended to do search engine optimization and an active presence on social media in order to increase website traffic. These are the two most important channels for the inbound marketing maker. What if the time is not enough for both of them and you have to make a choice between the two?

In this blog, we will evaluate the pros and cons of search engine optimization, which we will compare in my next blog to the pros and cons of social media. After the comparison, we will endeavor to make a reasoned summary of the subject.

Why Search Engine Optimization?

The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization requires the systematic production of quality content. The content produced on the site will remain visible to the users for a long time and systematic content production will also contribute to other marketing activities leading to your site. With new content, you have enough topics for email marketing, you can create a variety of guides that can help you generate sales leads from your site – and new content can also be shared on social media.

Linking benefits your business

Another important aspect of search engine optimization is linking. Internal links make it easier to use your website and thus improve your site experience. External linking not only improves your search engine discoverability but also creates new paths to your site and deepens your relationship with other websites. One of the best ways to build external links is to offer a visitor pencil to the industry’s major blogs and write links to your own website.