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Nowadays people should be careful about their health-conscious. They give importance to their health. There are a lot of diseases that are spread through food also. Outside food produces various diseases for humans. Kombucha is prepared with natural ingredients and in a hygiene method. It is prepared with a healthy and hygienic method. People also expect a healthy product for their life. That product gives healthful life to them. Like that way they prepared the kombucha tea. It gives health and freshness to them. Kombucha gives many brands to people. We also use natural ingredients for this product. It is useful to people. Kombucha tea taste spread to people. They like the taste and enjoy the freshness. Everyone needs a new variety of tastes in tea. Their expectation should be fulfilled in this kombucha tea. We also add the tastiness in this tea. Sweetener is one of the best combos for tea. Everyone should like a sweet taste for every drink. So we add sweetness in this kombucha tea. It should be likable by people. In many products we should search for zero sugar level for their health condition. Kombucha tea also prepared with zero sugar levels to the customer. So everyone should use this kombucha tea.


Types of kombucha

We should have varieties and types in every product. In this kombucha also we have some types. It gives usefulness to people. Some people did not have tea for their health condition. That person also gets this kombucha tea. It was prepared with health-conscious. We also prepare tea with medical ingredients for diabetic customers. These types are all helpful to the customer. They did not waste their time on this special product. We should prepare all types of products. We have three basic types in this kombucha tea. They are

  • Health-Ade – we should add some flavors in every drink product. Then only we get the taste of the drink. But some people did not have that drink due to their health condition. Nowadays children also affected by diabetes. So they did not eat and drink like this product. But they should be stubborn for that taste. At this age they eat candies and drink juices. For that person, we produced a special drink. It is filled with health-conscious. We also produce a sugar-free drink for diabetics. And we should add lemon and ginger flavor for the health problems. We add other varieties of Health-Ade like the crisp, slightly sweet pink lady apple and we also add refreshing pomegranate in that drink. These are all adding for good health. And also many people should follow the diet for their health condition.
  • Holy kombucha – this kombucha also produced for the health condition and also for a different taste. Many people like the spicy taste of a drink. For that person we produce this type of kombucha. They also like the taste of kombucha. It gives freshness and relaxation to the body. Some people should be in a stressful condition. Those persons should have this type of tea for their freshness and relaxation. We add lemon, orange, ginger, and turmeric for a different taste.
  • Kevita probiotic drink – this drink should use as a medicine. We add some immunity power and digestion ingredients in this drink. It is useful to enhance our immunity power and digestion problem. We should also use this drink for common cold and allergy. It should destroy the basic bacteria from our body.