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It is the mask that is used by the people who were professionals in dancing, wrestlers, and especially who was performing mime show and who were performing the drama. The person who is performing mime shows they wear masks because they did not show any facial expression while performing. Because they had to express or convey the message by their acing itself, there only takes place in the mime show. If they show any facial expressions in the mime that does not consider to be a mime. So, the person who participates in it they use the mask to hide their face and expression. The people who act in the drama are also used to hide their face and expression while acting. There are different types of masks are available. The masks were used for both funerals and for also acting, and practical resolutions. Mask is the word that is known as the term a face without a body. In foreign countries, some peoples wear masks to enter into theft and crime. Because if they show their face the police will arrest them and give the legal punishment for illegal activities. In some of the entertainments, the actors use the mask for their publicity and in this way, that type of mask also got more famous if the mask is suited for that hero. There are an advantage and disadvantage in using the mask because if the masks get more famous the original face of the mask used person will not get much more famous among the people. In most movies, famous actors also mask to do some illegal works to do the right things which are mostly good for people.

Advantages of using the mask:

  • The person who wears a mask would be more famous among the people.
  • People performing mime never show their original face instead of this they hide their expressions by wearing the mask.
  • In wrestling, the person wears a mask to hide their wound, or some other fire incidents damage their face.
  • There is some person who does not want to show their original face because they like that mask, they wear and the mask which suits them.
  • This is one the way of marketing and they use this opportunity in selling the duplicate masks which people may like. The mask which wears by their wrestler, who would like the people most.

Disadvantages of using the mask:

  • The person is without mask he/she does not be more popular and they were rejected by the people without a mask.
  • Their original face was not to be remembered in people‚Äôs minds.
  • People have beliefs in their actions and some of them would not like their masks and their originality.
  • Some people like the persons who are original.
  • Sometimes the good and bad characters may have the same masks at that time people dislike both of them.

These are some advantages and disadvantages to the mask. Masks are used for both good and bad things so some people would like a mask and some of them will not like the mask, it is based on the interest of the people.