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Yoga is a type of the exercise that helps to control the whole body and mind it has the superpower to improve our good habits in the life it also teaches them how to be discipline with other members in the many countries the scientists tell that the yoga improves our beauty they French scientists tells that La Licorne Beauté et le yoga  which means it compulsory improves the beauty of the body it has been scientifically proved one so nowadays many people are very interested to practice the yoga is one of the old types of art that had been practised before many hundreds of the years

Benefits of the yoga

If we practice the yoga correctly in the proper way it has the lots benefits by practising the yoga for the all the days it had been changed into as the daily habit our mind and body automatically tell that I want yoga so it has the more powerful because the yoga is learned from nature so it called as one of the old arts that have ever seen in the world so it has the many types of the practices if we practised the Suriyanamaskar for the daily 18 per day it is enough to all the one so this exorcise has the lots of the power and also the many benefits

Meditation is part of yoga

La Licorne Beauté et le yoga

Meditation is also an art of the yoga meditation plus exercise is called yoga practice of the meditation is improved our inner beauty many of them are has lots of darkness in their heart and mind so by practice the meditation every day it helps to give the better recover from it these are a long process by we can feel a better result in a one month of the continuous practices the inner beauty of more important than the outer appearance so the inner beauty is to makes the man peaceful the meditation has breathing exercises we have to learn is properly the intakes and the releases of the airfare are very much important in the meditation first we have to clear your mind and thoughts from all the bad things and the negative effects place the mind in your goals by doing this daily slowly your words are converted into thoughts this takes you to succeed

It improves our beauty 

Yes the practise yoga daily is compulsory improves our beauty not only outer and also the inner beauty is also be improved because of the free mind your skins are be loosed and it gives smile automated and the skins are glow in our body all the negative things are been removed it is the main reason to practice the yoga, not all the one are seen the outer beauty there are some gentle people are there to give respect to the inner beauty people by practising yoga daily it helps to be active in all the day wake up early morning helps to the good habits and it also improves our health factor so daily 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes meditation is to be enough to be happy in life