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There are many scams that we may hear by someone or read as the news but how it will when you experience the same and how you can prevent that? learn the facts here now , this identity theft is one of the common and a major cyber threat and this is spreading everywhere. Majorly it happens to the people who are unaware of the digital services and payments. Sometimes they may give their details to the other side without knowing the issues that can create in the future.

In the last report which was taken for identity theft, it was 15.6 million people who were affected by identity theft and this was increased nearly by 1.8 million people compared to the previous data. Identity theft is the illegal work which occurred by the hackers to the common people for money. People should be aware of giving their details to the outsiders. If any doubts that occurred then one should take the immediate actions, if not it will have resulted in the loss of money.

learn the facts here now

Protection ways:

When you use the common public Wi-Fi connection which is in bus stops, railway stations, airports, malls, etc. you should be very careful about the connection process which is VPN (a virtual private network). One should not send important information on a public platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. That may lead the fraudulent to hack the details and steal the money. All the devices need to come under the password security devices such as laptops, mobile, and other gadgets. Security alerts should be accessed in with those devices. Google has the best way; find my device option it helps to locate the device after it got a steal by someone.

When using the debit cards or credit cards in the ATM wait until the home screen comes after the use in the machine. If any error occurs cancel the transaction in that machine, if not that transaction will be in process and that may be theft by anyone. As like while using card PIN close your number pallet using the hands. No banks will ask your details through the phone or ask any OTP number. If someone asks that immediately raise a complaint about the call. Do not share your details like birth certificate number, credit card number, authorized phone number you use, or any other personal details.

In case you disclose without knowledge make the complaint to the respected office about the whole conversations. You may get the scam through emails, like price coupons or work alerts, etc. In that case, they ask for the bank details mainly that will be a complete fraudulent. So with expectations do go for the mails.

When you sell your laptops or mobile you should delete the accounts and applications which are installed in. And it is better and safe option is to format the device. That prevents reusing the details that you already used. These sets can prevent a person from losing money because of hackers. We need to be aware of all the ways.