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If you end up with a pathological engorgement edema type, which is often explained in case of infusion during childbirth, delayed breasting, separation mother-child or baby particularly sleepy, tiring so little effective at the breast, there are specific gestures of massage to know upstream. With the natural breast growth oil you can have the best deals.

Benefit of Action

These actions will not only minimize the pain associated with this condition, prevent the situation from worsening but also anticipate the problems of rejection of the breast or extreme agitation of the baby. Here’s how to do it: first apply two fingers, the index finger and the middle fingers, for example to the edges of the areolas, exerting a constant pressure for 30 seconds or even a minute so as to return the accumulated liquid to this point in the depths of the tissues.

Next Step to follow

Then massage gently with circular movements of effleurage up to the armpits. As the breast pressure fades, you can manually extract your milk, the goal being to decongest your breasts and facilitate the flow of milk while continuing to exercise in the meantime. Palmar pressures in a gyratory movement. Small tapping with fingertips or phalanges around the breasts can also help soften the breasts.

To perform a manual expression of your milk, there are different techniques using two fingers or even all the fingers of one hand or both hands. It’s up to you to see what helps you the most. In any case, it should not be painful and it is better for you or your companion to do it rather than a stranger.

Here are the main principles:

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Place the thumb on one side 2 or 3 cm behind the areola and the other fingers on the other side, forming a C or a U, and then gently press towards the ribcage, compress by pushing the fingers into the depth of the breast without moving them on the skin and finally release gently and repeat rhythmically. Initially, nothing will happen. A drop pearl, then another and even small jets will appear after the rise of milk. In terms of duration, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time 5-10 minutes on each side may be enough.

In case of inflammation of the breast due to poor drainage resulting in one or more clogged milk ducts, circular massage of the fingertips often with the thumb stronger than the other fingers emphasizing the indurated areas along the route of the milk may help reduce inflammation in combination with the application of heat and frequent feedings.

Regular breast massage throughout the lactation period also has a beneficial effect on the composition of the milk. Studies have shown that the milk of women who regularly massage their breasts is somehow more homogenized, the fat part being better distributed.

Breast massage when using a breast pump

In order to optimize the breast pump sessions, there is a method developed by Jane Morton, pediatrician and lactation consultant, initially intended for mothers who had to start their lactation in case of premature delivery or early separation, but which in fact can be useful for all mothers who have to use a breast pump. It’s about combining your hands with a breast pump.