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A straight traplift has been specially developed for straight staircases and can only move in a straight line on a stair without bends. We supply no fewer than five different trap lift models for straight stairs. We will, of course, be happy to explain the various choices to you, so that you can choose the most suitable solution for your staircase.

A Stannah trap lift is designed to last for decades. It adapts perfectly to your needs, as well as to your staircase. We use the latest technology to adjust your rail to the nearest millimeter and to ensure that each trap lift meets our strictest quality standards. We are constantly looking for new ways to make your trap lift safer, more comfortable and more user-friendly.

The possible options

You don’t buy a trap lift every day. This is why it can be difficult to determine what you need. Our advisers are trained to identify the features you need and to give you free personalized advice based on your needs. We don’t push you to buy. If you choose Stannah, you know that you have all the information in hand and that you have opted for a clear quote, with no hidden costs.

Everything you need to know about the home visit

In order to provide you with personalized and as precise information as possible, it is preferable to meet you and see your staircase on site. During a home visit, our advisor will come and see why your staircase has become a problem and determine how you can remedy it. The advisor measures your staircase and examines the possibility of installing a trap lift. It’s possible? So let’s go! Decide what type of trap lift is best for you.

Personal advice:

Our advisers are trained to identify the features you need and to provide free personalized advice based on your needs.

Find out which rail best fits your home

The trap lift rail will depend on the shape of your staircase. If your staircase has curves, turns or turns, you will need a curved rail specially designed to follow the curves of your staircase. If you have a straight staircase, we install a straight rail that exactly matches the length of your staircase.

The advisor is trained to be able to accurately determine which trap lift will best fit into your home. Measuring your staircase accurately has many advantages. On one side, the rail must be perfectly suited to your staircase. On the other hand, we can manufacture in our factory a model which will be the exact copy of your staircase, with the same dimensions. By building a replica, we can ensure the following:

The trap lift can be completely assembled before arriving at your home. We first assemble the entire trap lift and test it before it leaves our factory. This allows us to make sure that our installers will have no problem installing your trap lift. In addition, it makes the process much faster.


The trap lift we make is perfect for your home. If the trap lift fits your staircase perfectly, once installed, it will comply with all of our safety rules and require less maintenance.

Measuring your stairs during the home visit also means a shorter waiting time. As soon as you order your trap lift, the measurements will be immediately sent to our factory and production will start immediately.