Deathchain, a Death/Thrash metal act from Kuopio, has unleashed its fifth studio album, “Death Gods”. New merchandise is also available.

The group that has gone up to Finnish top 20 with three of their last albums, has got a new recruit along with their new album. C.Void, who had done backing vocals since the first album (Deadmeat Disciples 2003), is now an official member of Deathchain. “Death Gods”, recorded with the reinforced line-up, is in many ways the band’s most massive album, with influences of H.P. Lovecraft’s literature and Sumerian and Babylonian goddesses.

“Every band says their newest album is the best one, and Deathchain isn’t an exception in this unwritten rule. Since the first album, we’ve sought the perfect sound-scape to support the music and lyrics the best way possible. We’ve sometimes come close, but only now we feel the stars are in the right position. The fifth album meets the expectations we wanted it to achieve,” says Corpse, the guitarist of the band.

The album that was recorded by their live mixer Jari Tuomainen in Studio Sound, which resides in band’s home town, had a border crossing unfamiliar to other Deathchain albums. “Death Gods” – unsurprisingly dedicated to gods of death – was packed to a boat and sent to our neighbor country, Sweden, where it was mixed and mastered in Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Deströyer 666).

To get the skin over the bones of the music, the cover art had to support the music perfectly. The band hired Nucleart’s praised TT (Impaled Nazarene, Ensiferum, KVLT…) for the challenging job. “Death Gods” has been be released, along with CD and digital formats, as a double vinyl album, so the artwork gets the visibility it deserves. The album’s vinyl version also includes a bonus track, “Chronic Infection”.

Track listing:

  • Storming the Death Gods
  • Scimitar
  • The Crawling Chaos
  • The Lion-Head
  • We Are Unearthed
  • The Beyond
  • Howling of the Blind
  • Cthulhu Rising

Double LP track listing:

  1. Storming the Death Gods
  2. Scimitar
  3. The Crawling Chaos
  4. The Lion-Head
  5. We Are Unearthed
  6. The Beyond
  7. Chronic Infection
  8. Howling of the Blind
  9. Cthulhu Rising

Upcoming Gigs

24.3. Jyväskylä, Lutakko 
25.3. Joensuu, Kerubi 
26.3. Kuopio, Henry’s Pub 

Death Eternal - Studio Diary

Days 1 & 2 - 24.05.2008


Its studio time again, and as usual we started with the drum recordings. This time around we wanted to stay in our hometown, so all the extra stress of travelling wouldn’t brake us down. 

I still had to go work on friday so by the time me and Cult arrived to the Studio Sound, Kassara and T(erska)upi had already everything under control. So…the board was set and then Kassara put those pieces moving, and ohh they were moving fast!! 

Kassara laid down all of the 10 songs during friday and saturday, and there were no problems with anything at all. Ofcourse we started drinking heavily on saturday and went to the local pubs and saloons. T(alikyrpä)upi threatened me and Cult saying that the coming weeks would be living hell for us…and you know what? 
We believe him. 

Warriors of Death 
– Corpse & Cult –

Day 3 - 25.05.2008

Since Kassara did his part faster than expected, today was just about preparing for the weeks to come. So tomorrow morning Corpse, T(uhkamuna)upi and me will head for the wilderness, never to be seen again… 

I started my studio session the same way I had to start my first rehearsal in this band… playing Guitar Hero III. 

Over And Out, 
– Cult –

Day 4 - 26.05.2008

Today we arrived to our final destination here in the middle of nowhere. I have to say that the recording enviroment is very, very nice indeed. We can really isolate from outside distractions and thus we can focus 100% on creating this album. 

In the next few days we’ll record my all my guitar parts (except solos and lead guitars), we already began with the cover song. 

Here is a video clip from last friday, the first recording day, Kassara is there playing a song entitled “Plaguethrone”. We have taken much more video footage, we just simply haven’t had the time to edit and upload them yet… much more videos are coming!!! 

Tomorrow will be a long day for me, so now I need a good night rest. 

– Deadtired – 
Cult Russell 

Have you seen the movie “Deliverance”?

If there is a god, then one could say that we are behind his back at the moment!
But we dont mind that, because we really enjoy the isolation and the solitude which can be found here. I just hope that there aren’t lots of gay lonewolves living in the forests nearby, because we would be an easy catch for a skilled ranger who seeks to find ease to his cock/asslust:( Fuck that, I’m gonna lock the door tonight and sleep with one eye open (not that eye!I Hope?)!!!

– Bound to live in fear of a ranger tonight –

Day 5 - 27.05.2008

After waking up early, Tupi and me went off to record the rest of the cover song + a new song called “The Monolith” + almost all of the song “Spheres Of Blasphemy”. After an endless day of riffs, takes and pain, Corpse had prepared the sauna and some barbecue ready for our tortured minds and bodies…

We are experiencing some problems with uploading the video clips, because our USB internet connection is extremely slow. Here is all I could upload for now:

Corpse and Tupi finding the guitar sound

I’ll keep on trying to upload more stuff, the videos will also be on YouTube as soon as possible, hopefully within the next few days…

Now I go to my cottage to get some sleep, the stuff I am seeing here in the main building is too much for me…

– Over And Out –

Day 6 – The downfall of Cult 28.05.2008

This morning was a pain with the downward-picking. After a total mental breakdown, I finally finished “Spheres Of Blasphemy”. 3 songs down, 2 to go… now I gotta continue again…

Day 2 – Kassara performing “Awaken… Horrors Of This Earth”

Day 5 – Me trying out “Spheres Of Blasphemy”

Day 5 – Barbecue of Gore La Fountain

This is truly horrible… I am all out of energy and hope, because I haven’t slept well in days. Why can’t it be over!!! AAARRRGGH! This is an endless, dark sea of sadness and failure 🙁 I am in a nightmare, even though I’m awake.

Hopefully Gore La Fountain will poison my food tonight and put me out of my misery…

– Road to Hell –
Cunt (The Self-Deceiver)

Cult Russell Crowe testing new riff ideas for Plaguethrone

Roky Erickson & The Dinner (posted by Gula)

Day 5 - 27.05.2008

Oh Hell yeah,it’s studio time again!(this positive feeling would soon be dragged down from the clouds…) 

After 8h of normal boring day routine, I finally jumped on the train towards Suonenjoki where the studio is located. Well as always the train ride was far from enjoyable, but I made it to the studio in approx 5½h. 

The location is beautifull and the view is far from what real disgusting metal should be made in, but after listening to the recordings. I had been proven wrong in a second, this was going to be one hell of a record for us to beat later on. 

This evening we just chilled and tryed to figure out the order, in which I would start to record the songs in. 


Day 8 getting singing lessons in the abyss - 30.05.2008

0900 wake up call,black coffee,fish on dark bread = good shit! 
Started the day with a couple of songs we had arranged to 100%, so I didn’t really have to struggle that much.Just scream my guts out, and bleed a little. Then the usual thing happened when you’ve got a dictatorship in the band. Hah! I recorded a song completely ready and was really happy about it, thought it was the best one ever. Then “the one who you dare not speak of” entered the room to judge T(uo oli paskinta mitä olen kuullut!)upis and my work, well as you might have guessed. He wanted us to start over from scratch! and this we almost did. We left that song for the next day and just continued with a new tune. 
All in all 3 ½ tracks for one day, we were satisfied. 
Had a really cold spacebeer + sauna and went to bed. 

Yesterday was very difficult for me, but finally I finished all the 5 songs that I had to play. All the mental pressure that had been building up is gone and life is good again… Now I’m in charge of the barbeque/sauna/drinks department while the others are sweating and recording. 

Last night our vocalist K.J. Goatse arrived, and today him and Tupi “Thunderlips” have been recording the vocals all day. After the weekend it’s time for Corpse Goregula to enter the recording booth of Death to do the rest of the rhythm guitars… 

Soon I’ll have to start thinking about solos and lead guitars + my vocal parts, but now it’s time to relax, to celebrate and to drink like hell!!! Cheers!!! 

– Saludos Satánicos – 
Cult Cthulhu 

PS. The atmosphere has been a little bit tight today, the guys are obviously getting the cabin fever or something. Let’s see if drinking will make it better or worse hahaa!

Day 999 going well...too well 31.05.2008

Khs – 0900 wake up and shake the demons out! We started this day with arranging some vocals with Mr C(ulli muna)orpse, which went really smoothly. Nothing spectacular happened. Ate some good food made by Cult, our chef for this weekend. Who probably put some ratpoison in the shit, but who cares when it tastes so good. Ended up with 3 own songs + the cover, also a good day. Had a sauna,whatched our chef go insane on a small amount of booze,wrote lyrics with Corpse to one song. 

Realised that the Mighty Entombeds clandestine album is still really fucking awesome!

Thanks for the people who let me knew about Clandestine. I am forever grateful for your contributions and insights. Deathchain salutes you!

They were,they are and they shall be! 

Day 10 - 01.06.2008

It´s Cold Night For Alligators 

There are guitar players and then there are “guitar players”, I guess I’m neither. Today I started my personal Via Dolorosa with the song “The Ancient and the Vile”, and once again I’m starting to think that I should do something else with my life than trying to be a guitar player. Maybe I should go back to school? But then I would be the oldest student(and probably the most lame), and all the kids would be asking me to fetch them some beer and kessu(Cigarettes). 

Luckily T(ahdon olla sulle hyvin hellä)upi is kicking my ass and saying that I can do it!! And so…in the end of this evening I got the song recorded and went to the sauna with a crystal clear mind. Cult Reynolds had prepared some nice sausages, and we enjoyed them with some nice ice cold beer. 

T(alkkuna)upi told us that the hippopotamus doesn’t have any natural enemies in Africa, I guess that’s great. 

It’s Gonna Rain Down in Africa 
– Gore Vidal (The Director of Caligula) – 

Corpse playing “The Ancient And The Vile” 

Khaos: It is sunday, the day when children of god rest and people like us work or do other blasphemous things, we ended up recording our most vicious tune to date! This would be the end of part 1 of vocal recordings, 2 songs left and that would be it for my lead vocal duties. Next weekend is planned for 2 last songs and all the other vocals (guests + disturbing group screams). 
Annoying and boring train ride back home, but I didn’t mind it as much. 

Haven’t caught cabin fever as the other guys, hopefully I’ve become immune to that shit. remember,insanity is contagious… 

np: Liers In Wait – spiritually uncontrolled art