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Energy is the quantitative possessions that have to be relocating into an object to work. Energy transfer to the object by work. On earth, much natural energy was discovered some of the energy is gravity energy, lightning energy, sound energy, etc. the most popular and easily available energy is light energy and heat energy. This energy was taken from the natural source. There are many powers available but the Power to Choose is important. Energy is a source to use for working. Energy is a very essential need for every human being. Without energy, human activity was stopped.

Thomas Young is the first person to use the term energy. The word energy is derived from the ancient Greek word, Romanized which means energetic lit. The word first used by Aristotle in the 4th century. Aristotle gives the contrast definition to the term energy. That is energy is a qualitative philosophical concept, ideas include happiness and pleasure.  This definition is different to compare modern technology.

Power to Choose


In 1843 joule independently discover the mechanical energy. From that, the unit of energy is called joule. In the letter it is called J. in the international system of the unit also accepts the term joule. However, energy is also expressed in many other units such as ergs, calories, British thermal components, etc factor when uttered in SI units. In chemistry, energy is a characteristic of the effect of its infinitesimal vigor. In biological factors, energy is very essential for every human organ functioning. Without energy, the human organism was not function. Sunlight radiant energy also observes by plants for their regular development. Sunlight energy produces carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins, and high energy compounds for plant development. In classical physics, energy is a scalar quantity. Energy and mass are manufactures by the same force there is no difference.

In Australia and New Zealand, an energy score is a label to use all-electric equipment. The energy rating helps to identify the quality and quantity of the product. It allows us to evaluate the energy expenditure of a comparable harvest. The rating comparison label is under the Australian regulation for store sales. The energy rating scale is usually mentioned in starts. This is introduced by the Australian government. According to the star the energy was measured. This method is an international standard for energy comparison. In Australia, the label is used for office equipment and home electronics.

In New Zealand, the energy label is used for a wider range of electronic products.  The energy label was introduced in the year 1986. It was first used in Australia later it was used in every country. Mandatory, national labeling was agreed in 1992. Australia is a third country to establish such an energy label system. The energy label system was one of the best ides to show the power of electricity in the equipment. This can help people to identify the best electronic equipment. Nowadays this rating system was popularly used by many countries. This energy rating label affixed to various appliances before retail sale. Actual energy consumption will depend on how an appliance is used and how often it is used.