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This means that money alone cannot buy visibility, but the content of the web page and the ads themselves must be good in content. So, just like with search engine optimization, think about what your potential customer is looking for and how you can solve this problem. Design your search ad and landing page content based on this. Now that felix wenzel is the google ads specialist you can have the best made there in the best possible manner.

felix wenzel is the google ads specialist


Now that we’ve gone through the basic principles of search engine optimization and keyword advertising, the question is, which one is right for us? However, search engine advertising and search engine optimization should not be mutually exclusive, but rather mutually supportive. Search engine optimization results only in the long term, while keyword advertising is effective in the short term. It is noteworthy, however, that both ways are capable of generating clicks, but the final keywords in the buying process, that is, searches that are very close to the purchase decision, are more heavily paid to advertise. So think about the best balance for your business and be sure to set specific goals for both.

Content strategy and trends in marketing channels continue to mark brand marketing. Now the focus is on content marketing online. The question is: how can different channels be utilized and where do they bend? How will websites be designed in the future and in what direction is Search Engine Optimization going? A dozen pieces of information are safe: they do not shed blood – but promise sweat and tears of happiness.

Content strategy at home

It is often said that the marketing skills of English are refined from smaller entrepreneurs to international players. In a country where modesty has been turned into a virtue, it may be an embarrassing task to bring your own knowledge or self-expression. Then take over the channels.

However, for an English player, a practical and effective content strategy is not an impossible task. You don’t even have to create it, it’s almost there. The English want to think that the deeds should speak for themselves. You can see strength in attitude. When the deeds are allowed to be seen and heard and not believed to be already known, we are well on our way. It is possible to produce content that is authentic and tell stories that can reasonably be portrayed instead of hollow slogans.

Similarly, most natural marketing channels are often selected naturally. For entrepreneurs who are personally responsible for their marketing, the best channels are for their own customers and for themselves. Long-term work can only be done in a meaningful and interesting environment. Continuous and consistent action is, therefore, a prerequisite for a good content strategy.

Content strategy to support branding

Last month’s blog dealt with brand marketing ¬Ľand how it evolved from a visual concept to emotional value. The next step in branding is to design your content strategy.

A content strategy arises from the goals on which marketing communications are based. In previous decades, product-centric content was paid for and campaign-by-campaign. Now content marketing is focused on maintaining customer relationships with the goal of continuous learning. The goal is to produce content that will serve customers the best and that will stop them.