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In the past, search engine optimization was actually ‘the icing on the cake.’ Nowadays, SEO should be in your basic recipe. And a cake without butter is actually. Some people say that SEO is dead. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It has increasingly become a specialty from .

Formulated flatly, SEO is nothing more than offering the right information to the search engines, instead of allowing the search engines to interpret your content themselves. SEO is not just about getting as much traffic as possible, but more importantly, it’s about getting the right traffic.

What you should pay attention to in SEO optimization can be subdivided into different parts. When you pay attention to all points, you will notice that your traffic is developing positively quickly. Note, it is not a panacea. It is mainly about continuity and consistency. You must have a long breath, with focus.

The initial setup

Google Analytics; easy to set up and offers you a world of information about your visitors and your website.

  • Google webmaster tools: a free tool to continuously monitor whether there are no errors in your website.
  • Site map: a sitemap tells the search engines what content you have on your website and how often this is updated. This is used to offer search results.
  • Fast website: the time it takes to load your website is a factor for Google. The faster your site loads, the better you are appreciated by Google. Also, a fast loading time naturally also helps in your bounce rate and conversion.
  • Low bounce rate: Your bounce rate is the time when people are on your website or even on a page. When people sit here for a very short time (1 or 2 seconds), you have a high bounce rate. Google then judges that your website does not offer the correct information, with the result that you drop into Google’s ranking. Then try to find out why people are so short on your page. Why don’t they find what they were expecting? Now also apply a / b tests.
  • Keyword research or rather finding the right keywords. The bottom line is that you have to dive into the skin of your target group as extensively as possible. What are people looking for, what are they expecting, and what are the phrases they use during their search? For this, we often conduct various customer interviews at the start of a project.

Be as open as possible

To get really useful answers to your questions, you need not only to try to find out the maximum amount of information. The movement should be two-way: you must share information about your company yourself.

Don’t trust empty predictions.

Even the best contractor will not undertake to guarantee the numbers you receive. While there is no reliable data on the conversion of the site, it is impossible to promise an increase in orders, and it is impossible to predict the indicators based on theory. This also applies to traffic growth; it is important to understand the current level and seasonality.