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Around the world, in the last two months, we were facing our worst phase in our entire lifetimes. Yes, we were against beast corona. Corona is known for COVID-19. It is a dangerous virus spread around the globe from China. Trump once said that “it is the Chinese virus”. Oh no, this is politics. Our articles are different. So let back to the point. Do you know how we survived from this virus? The answer is very simple that is “self-quarantine and social distancing” do your thing everyone follows these rules? Then the answer is no. If we follow these rules, then definitely coronas spread chain will break. But the story is different peoples careless makes this virus becoming pandemic. Yes, the world health organization declares this virus is pandemic. Here I am going to discuss the wifi camera . Our peoples forget one thing that is our careless more pandemic than this tiny virus. People’s carelessness makes me sad. If you strong the acts, then actions will be our favorite.

wifi camera

What is a wifi security camera?

A camera connects to your home, office wifi to transmit the video from cameras. It helps to record intruders, your pets, your things, and everything you possessed. You can save your feeds too.

Pons and cons:

  • They get constant power from cables.
  • Check your live feed from everywhere.
  • It is well preferred for small places. Because wifi cameras have some range till where your home router.
  • It is also not preferred for thick bricks. Wifi signals will be jammed if it crosses thick walls.

Best in the market:

I learned about Beetal CC2 360 degree wifi cameras are one of the best in the market.

Beetal CC2:

  • It had a 1080p HD full display resolution and 2mp image sensor.
  • It had storage capacity up to 128GB. And it gives 360-degree rotation. Not only 360 degrees, but you can also tilt the camera wherever you want.
  • It can access anywhere in the world and provide with Ethernet connection.

Every coin has two sides right? And these beetle cameras also have two sides. I mean Pons and cons.

  • It has no internal battery.
  • Tracking devices have some bugs.

If you are not satisfied with this product, then you will try with cp plus 360 degrees, Mi MJSXJ02CM products. The reason is these are the best wifi cameras in the markets.

Do you know something? How did china beating out the corona? They were followed by serious lockdown. I mean followed self-quarantine and social distancing very seriously. If someone wants to break the lockdown but police won’t allow them. Chinese police fixed these wifi cameras every corner of the streets and they were spying at each house. Now we saw the results. Chinese were beating out corona to the world. If want to survive, then you will follow the rules and be scared about Wi-Fi cameras buddy. Finally, apart from police officers and doctors, being a human I can’t see another man’s death. So I want to do something. I want to destroy that lack of awareness. But media peoples are there for awareness but I want to do something different.